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Jepara Wood Carving

The Woodcarving Art Of Jepara

Located on the northern shore of the island of Java , approximately 100 km from Semarang, capital of the Province of Central Java, the town of Jepara is not only the port of departure to the enchanting Karimunjawa...

The wood carving center in Palembang

Palembang’s Wood Carving

The wood carving center in Palembang is located on Faqih Jalaluddin Street, near the Palembang Grand Mosque. Dozens of showrooms, which are also used to give finishing touches to wood carvings, are available in...

Rumah Gadang, West Sumatera

Evolution Of Indonesian Art

Genuine, breathtaking and culturally fulfilling, the beauty of Indonesian art spreads across the archipelago, carrying timeless legacy of its rich and mystical heritage. With influences from the diverse cultures of the original indigenous and foreign traders, the fiercely...

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