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Koto Gadang village, Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi, The Minangkabau Highlands

Bukittinggi lies surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills in the Minang Highlands. Bukittinggi is the commercial centre of the region and a bustling hill town. It’s a great place to discover arts and...

Mentawai's Nyang Nyang Island, Sumatra

Exotic Natural Landscape, Nyang-nyang Island

Nyang-nyang may just be a small island among the Mentawai Islands off the coast of West Sumatra, however, it has a huge reputation among avid surfers around the world as one of the best surfing spots among the islands, in Indonesia, andeven...

Tambang Batubara Museum, Ombilin

Sawah Lunto : The Town Of The “Black Pearl”

After an hour’s drive from the city of Padang to its northeastern outskirts, the road splits. Lake Singkarak lies to the left and Sawahlunto to the right, some 95 kilometers from Padang. Sawahlunto is known as the town of the ‘black...

Padang Panjang, Serambi Mekkah of West Sumatera

A Breezy Little Town, Padang Panjang

Travelling north from Padang, capital of West Sumatra, towards Bukittinggi, one will pass a breezy little town that stands over 700 meters above sea level, called Padang Panjang. Protected by three towering mountains on the north namely: Mount...

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