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The Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort Is A Perfect Place To Visit Lampung

More familiarly known as the Kalianda Resort, the Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort is a perfect place to visit Lampung with your family or friends. Located on the Trans Sumatra highway at Km 45, the resort is situated  at Merak Belantung, Kalianda, in the  South Lampung Regency. Directly facing the...

Sebuku island, Lampung

Sebuku And Sebesi Islands, Mount Krakatau

Sebuku Island is one of the largest islands in the Sunda Strait, the path of water that runs between the islands of Java and Sumatra. Located close to the Krakatau volcano, the panoramic view of sandy white beaches against...

Kiluan Bay

Kiluan Bay, Amazing Real Life Dolphins

Many of us have seen real life dolphins, whether in zoos, aquariums, or animal shows, but watching schools of dolphins darting across the open sea, or swimming merrily alongside your boat is an entirely...

Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung

An Enchanting Hidden Paradise, Tanjung Setia Beach

Secluded along the western coast of Lampung, beyond the thick forests of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park lies an enchanting hidden paradise called Tanjung Setia Beach. Although obscured from spotlights, the waves at Tanjung Setia are touted as among...

White sand beach in Lampung

White Sand Beach in Lampung

White Sand Beach, or Pantai Pasir Putih, in Indonesian truly describes the atmosphere. The enticing white sand refreshes the eyes and feeds the soul with the burning energy to explore. Only 20 kilometers away...

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