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Bromo Crater

Welcome To The Volcano Of Mount Bromo

Welcome to the volcano of Mount Bromo, Tengger Massif, perhaps not the biggest, most active, or awe-inspiring, but it is probably the most famous. Bromo, it takes its name from the Hindu creator god...

Banyuwangi, East Java

Banyuwangi, The Sunrise Of Java

Located on the eastern-most edge of the island of Java, just across the island of Bali, lies the town of Banyuwangi. Its busy port, Ketapang, serves regular ferries that ply daily between Bali and Java carrying...

Batu in Malang, East Java

The Pleasant Town Of Batu, East Java

Fresh green apples, cool mountain air, stunning natural beauty, and a whole lot of fun, are among the many appealing features associated with the pleasant town of Batu in East Java. Located about 15 Km west...

Plengkung, The Surfing Beach in Banyuwangi

G-land, The Best Surfing Sites!

Indonesia is most proud of the Plengkung Beach at the eastern tip of Java Island. Aside from its enchanting natural beauty, the long curving coast line here is recognized as one of the best surfing sites...

Jember regency, East Java

Jember, The Gateway To East Java

Jember is East Java’s third largest city after Surabaya and Malang, and is located about 150 kilometers from Surabaya. Once just a humble district, most famous for its coffee and tobacco plantations, Jember is now known for...

Meru Betiri, the national park

The Amazing Meru Betiri National Park

Meru Betiri National park is a large natural reserve located on the southern coast of Jember Regency in East Java. It spans across 580 square kilometers of varying topography; including sandy, coastal plains, mangrove...

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