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North Sumatra Province

The wild Bukit Lawang Orangutans

North Sumatra’s Treasure

Sumatra is a huge island running up a volcanic plate that has formed with steep ridges and mountains to the west and tropical plains to the east. The east has developed into cities such...

The Museum of North Sumatra

Medan, The Multicultural City

Medan is Indonesia‘s fourth largest city and like the others has acquired a reputation of hot, dirty, overcrowded and full of traffic. This being said Medan has its charms in its early twentieth century...

Toba Lake

Travel Guide To Lake Toba

Lake Toba or Danau Toba is considered to be the world’s largest volcanic lake measuring about 1,707 sq. ft. Formed due to a massive volcanic eruption about 70,000 years ago; it has now turned...

Lingga Village, Karo

Explore North Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia is also known as an adventurous country. So as its unforgettable ambience. One of them is North Sumatra Province, which is the gate of tourist destination (DTW) in western part of Indonesia. Surrounded...

Hombo Batu, Nias

Nias : Interesting Island To Travel

Nias is an island in western of North Sumatra Province. Nias is an interesting island to travel because not only for its beautiful pure and origin nature, but cause Nias have also a unique...

Bawomataluo, The traditional village of Nias

Holidays in Island Of Nias

Have you imagine to have holidays in island of Nias? The biggest island in western of Sumatra Island which covers an area of 5,625 km². There are 131 smaller island surrounding Nias. To get...

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