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Bengkulu Province

The Bengkulu Museum

The Historical Of Bengkulu Museum

Where is your next destination for a vacation? Why don’t you travel to indonesia? There are many provinces that you can visit. For instance, there’s Bengkulu. It’s situated on the Southwest coastline of Sumatra...

The Thomas Parr Monument, Bengkulu

Thomas Parr Monument in Bengkulu

The Thomas Parr Monument (Indonesian: Tugu Thomas Parr) is a monument located in Bengkulu, Bengkulu, Indonesia and dedicated to Thomas Parr, the British Resident of Bengkulu who was killed in 1807. Constructed the year...

Suban hot spring, Bengkulu

Relaxing At The Suban Hot Spring

Just below the hills of Bukit Kaba in the highlands of Bengkulu Province, one will find a pool of rejuvenating warmth surrounded by the lush beauty of nature. This is the Suban Hot Spring, located at the Penantian...

Curup town, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu

Curup Town, The Gateway To Bengkulu

Rafflesia Arnoldii, noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth, is a uniquely rare flower that  has become the icon of the province of Bengkulu. The best place to observe these exceptional flora is in...

Bukit Kaba, Bengkulu

Climbing Adventure, Bukit Kaba in Bengkulu

The lush  vegetation that covers  the foothills of Bukit Kaba offers a veritable  feast for the eyes, while the different colors of succulent fruit hanging from the trees enhance this picturesque view. A number...

Bengkulu City Where the British Once Ruled

Enjoying The City Of Bengkulu

Bengkulu, capital and largest city of Bengkulu Province, is not only the center of the provincial administration and facilities but it is also a city steeped in history. Traces of the great by gone era...

Soekarno's exile home, Bengkulu

Soekarno’s Exile Home in The City Of Bengkulu

Most Indonesians have learned in school about the exile of Soekarno (affectionately known as Bung Karno, meaning Brother Karno) Indonesia’s first president and leader of the country’s struggle for Independence from the late 1930s....

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