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Wonderful Indonesia

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Everything You Need To Know About Travelling To Indonesia…

We are updating this website continuously to bring you the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide for your travelling plans to Indonesia. What differentiates us from other Indonesian Travel Guide sites is that we are team of true Indonesians who know every bit and trick about Indonesia that are only known to the locals. On this website you will find many tips, tricks, reviews that will take you to the most exciting, fun and enjoyable travel experience in Indonesia. So, congratulations on finding us! We are sure you will love this website as your source companion guide when making travel plans to Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Bali has been well known as the “Heavenly Island” by many tourists which have visit Bali. But more than that, Indonesia have lots of other attractive and exciting tourist destinations that are not known to many people not living in Indonesia. Indonesia also has some of the most amazingly beautiful sightseeing places that you could ever find in the world. Feel free to browse around this site to find these amazingly beautiful “unknown” tourist destinations in Indonesia.

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This website contains information that would help you greatly if you are planning to travel to Indonesia. And we really mean Indonesia, which consists of 34 provinces and more than 13,000 islands. Most of other Indonesian travel sites will only have information on Bali, and some on Jakarta or few other big cities. Please note that we are still developing this website so if you need information on any travel destinations in Indonesia currently not available (yet), please feel free to contact us here and we will be gladly updating this site with your requested travel destination information. In a few months time we will have a complete guide on travelling to Indonesia for all the major cities and tourist attractions in Indonesia so please check back regularly.

Our goals for this website are to:

  • Provide top quality of information about Indonesia tourism.
  • Encourage people to visit Indonesia.
  • Seek out providers of quality tourist services in Indonesia.
  • Highlight Indonesia’s beauty, and diversity.
  • Provide an enjoyable Web experience for website visitors.

We hope you enjoy perusing the site, and find the information you need to make your travels in Indonesia more enjoyable. Or, if you have never traveled Indonesia, perhaps what you see here will encourage you to give it a go.

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We recommend you to do your due diligence to find out as much as possible about your travel destination in Indonesia from this site, as we also provide tips on safety, saving money and recommended and trustable travel related agencies you might need while you are in Indonesia. Thank you visiting our Indonesian Travel Guide website! Hopefully you will enjoy planning your travel to Indonesia.


Welcome to Wonderful Indonesia

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